Dennis Quaid was born in Houston, Texas on 9 April 1954 as Dennis William Quaid. He is an American actor who is remembered as his great role in films, like the rookie, the day after tomorrow, etc. Quaid starts his acting career after his brother; Randy Quaid received recognition as best supporting actor in Academy Award. Her appearance in “Breaking Away” and “the right staff” got great reviews. Later, he landed on numerous films that bought him to be a great actor in Hollywood. For his role in “far from heaven,” he achieved his first recognition as best supporting actor in New York Films Critics Circle Award, Chicago film critics association award, online critic film society award, independent spirit award. He was also nominated for best supporting actor in Golden Globe Award and some privilege awards. In 2010, his role as the leading character, Bill Clinton in the special relationship brought him as one of the nominations of the best lead actor of Emmy Award and golden globe award. Besides his notable credits, he has an interesting personal story. He has been married for three times. He is never far from rumors.

Did he receive botox injection?

Although Dennis is an actor who is always close to the negative rumors, he was rarely associated with plastic surgery rumors. While most celebrities are issued getting some enhancements with plastic surgery, then the only rumor Quaid has is about her his relationship with women. His love adventure is always interesting to discuss. But, recently he was rumored as one of receiver botox injection. We don’t know where the rumor about Dennis Quaid plastic surgery comes from because it seems nothing changed on his looks. His look was already charming since his first appearance in the entertainment business. And now, he is more charming when he has been 60. Several photos of Dennis Quaid before and after plastic surgery are uploaded to prove that the rumor is true. From his comparative photos, there is no significant change between his previous and current look. But, something a bit striking is her freshness in his face. And, we can observe that Dennis Quaid after plastic surgery photos indicates that he has lost some of his wrinkles in facial skin. Does it come naturally or constructed by help of botox injection? Let’s say that it comes naturally; he is too fresh for people in 70s. But, we guess it as a result of plastic surgery, he remains fascinated with his typical look.

When good genes meet good botox

We are back with our hesitation about Dennis Quaid. It’s a very small possibility that people without some Botox injection looks very fresh and glow in his 60s, so Dennis Quaid is often judged to be one of Botox injection receiver. Experts also give responses to his plastic surgery rumor. They said that if Dennis really received botox injection, it must be in very small amount since Dennis Quaid after surgery still left some smooth wrinkle line in his forehead.  He does not do major plastic surgery like his former wife, Meg Ryan. But, even it is minimal Botox injection, it is to have the great result as Dennis Quaid has now. It indicates that he has very good genes that lead him to have a very good result of botox injection. Not everyone has that very great gift. He is very lucky to have them because they make Dennis look charming every time. It may be the reason why many beautiful women fall for him. With or without plastic surgery, Dennis Quaid has aged very gracefully. He can show how healthy he is with his facial look. Both of Dennis Quaid young and old can still amaze his fans. He is someone who is really worth for huge appreciation about his physical look.

Simon Cowell is an English TV personality, A& R executive and entrepreneur, but he is well known as the judge of talent contests such as American Idol, Britain Got Talent, The X-Factor and Pop Idol. He was famous for his bold critics to the contestants when he stood as the judge. That’s why sometimes people started to grow their hatred to Simon Cowell. He really knew to insult the weakness of the contestants. However, his way to judge the contestants makes people fall for this personality. Both viewers and contestants consider him as the benefactor that lead American Idol and some others get brilliant talent. Since then, Simon Cowell has become the focus of People’s Eyes. 2013 Gossip Stated that Simon Cowell attracted people’s attention because he dated Lauran Silverman. The gossips about the couple became hotter after the birth of their first child. People find that Simon’s life is interesting, that’s why people try to reveal what another interesting rumor about the brilliant entrepreneur. The most recent rumor is about Simon Cowell plastic surgery.

Botox Makes Him Perfect

While Simon could play his role as a judge in several contests, let’s become a judge in Simon Cowell plastic surgery. It’s not difficult to justify whether his recent face is false or not. By looking Simon Cowell before and after plastic surgery picture, you will discover which parts seem to have subtle change. Majority of people will answer that question easily. Simon tries Botox to fight over wrinkle lines. And the answer is not wrong at all. Simon openly talked about Botox injection he received. According to his statement, Simon needed Botox to improve his appearance. But, he refused to admit that he has undergone plastic surgery. For him, Botox is not one of the surgical treatments. If Botox is not part of plastic surgeries, how about a facelift? Responding to this question Simon Cowell boldly refused it. He stated that he had no relation with a facelift. If people think that his recent look is fresher, they might not pay more attention to his look in the past time. They should be careful in observing Simon Cowell before and after plastic surgery pictures. Simon refusal makes people realize that Simon before surgery pictures indicated fresh facial skin as Simon after plastic surgery picture. Even though the pictures cannot give any evidence of Simon Cowell facelift, they seem still to believe that he had just gone under the knife when he appeared in Beverly hill with a bandage behind his ears. Regardless of his refusal, rumor about Simon plastic surgery keep spreading out. In an occasion, Simon’s smile was called a killing smile. He seemed to have done teeth whitening to make him a stunning Hollywood figure. Can’t we count it as plastic surgery?

He Has No Desire to be A Perfect Figure

Many celebrities may be obsessed to be a perfect figure, but Simon Cowell is out of that list. His wisdom leads him to undergo necessary plastic surgery. It’s clear that Simon Cowell doesn’t want to to become someone else by reshaping some parts of his physical organ. In his circulating photos, we can see that his face, nose, lips, etc. never change in shape. They remain the same as before. However, in the case of fighting with aging, he is like others. This successful entrepreneur seems to be afraid to lose his gorgeous look. He stops his aging by Botox injection. He has talked about how Botox improved his look for several times. Behind his honesty, in judging the contestants’ performance he is also honest to speak up about plastic surgery he did, but he still doesn’t want to be called a plastic surgery fan. Normally, actors will stay silent when it comes to plastic surgery talk. They are satisfied if people call them a natural figure. In case Simon’s facelift and other plastic surgeries are actually true, it means that Simon Cowell has no difference with most celebrities.