Jessica Alba is American actress, model and businesswomen who were born on April 28, 1981, in Pomona, California, USA. She is known for her genius acting in television series, “Dark Angel,” “Sin City,” “Fantastic  Four,” and “Into The Blue.”  Some of the successful films bring her to be a very famous actress in Hollywood.  She was the artist who had won a Teen Choice Award. She should thank to her role in Dark Angel so that she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. It’s really amazing that the artist whose childhood often got health problems can grow into a world actress. Alba personality is persistent, and she doesn’t give up easily. Alba had already shown her interest in acting when she was a child. She participated in various competitions acting. She managed to get his first debut tahun1994 in “Camp Nowhere.” Numerous offers came after her debut, and now he is the world’s top artists. Alba’s popularity is supported by her pretty face and a sexy body. She was even called a “sex symbol.” The visible evidence of her sexuality is that she is ever chosen as one of the 99 votes most desirable women, hot 100, the sexiest woman in the world, sexiest stars of all time.

Minimal plastic surgery with a qualified surgeon

As a hot female entertainer, Alba is often rumored as someone who endured plastic surgery. That rumor is based on her different look that is visible for her fanatics. To examine Jessica Alba plastic surgery can be seen in her before and after plastic surgery photos. In those comparative photos, her appearance before plastic surgery is not as hot as After Plastic Surgery. There are some parts of the body that get enhancement. The most visible differences are on her nose and breast. Jessica Alba after plastic surgery has a slimmer and more pointed nose. As we know Jessica Alba Before Plastic surgery photos, it was when she was a teenager; she had a flat nose. So, it is surprising when her nose turns into slimmer as a pinch. Then, her breasts now look very tighter and bigger. It must be a surgeon who changes them. It’s not a judge without reasonable proof. Normally, wome, after giving birth and having breastfeeding, have less interesting breasts. But, Alba shows the other way around. She has amazing breasts look, and she is sexier than she was before giving birth. As her look and shape of body enhancement, public guess that she must conduct plastic surgery minimally, but her doctor must be the best among all. The results are not like the fake ones. They go smoothly with her body and face.

She Made Someone Get Plastic Surgery

Alba’s amazing looks doesn’t always bring positive impact, but the negative impact comes as well. The worst impact ever was when she got a report from some media that there was a girl who underwent plastic surgery to get her love back. This crazy idea that made her feel bad. From the story, it was explained that the couple separated because of the boyfriend’s obsession with the beauty of Jessica Alba. After knowing this news, Alba left a comment that people should not do plastic surgery to impress others. From Alba’s wise words, it means that the Alba tried to deny the rumors about her plastic surgery. In other words, she wanted to say to the public that she get her current beauty without the help of a surgeon’s knife. I other words, the rumor about Jessica Alba Plastic surgery has been clarified by her. Many people who have witnessed the transformation of from year to year and concluded that she was getting her beauty naturally. How about her nose? Is it real or fake?  If it is a result of Jessica Alba after Plastic surgery,  it must be very careful plastic surgery done by a great plastic surgeon that makes her turn into a very sexy and beautiful actress.